Things to consider while study in Ireland

So, you’ve decided to study overseas? Here we are going to discuss top tips on the things you should think about now you’re officially an international student.

Choose wisely

When thinking about studying abroad make sure you do your research on the country and find out exactly what you are looking for in a destination. Do they speak English? What’s the weather like? Does the college have an excellent study abroad program? What’s the cost of living? All these are important things to consider when you are picking the perfect city for you!

Study in Ireland - OECC

Pack lightly

Studying abroad makes you appreciate the little things in life – like letting go of your fashion side while traveling. Make sure you bring lots of essential clothes and very comfortable shoes! When packing, set everything out that you think you may need and then cut that in half.

Be open to new things

The whole point of Study in Ireland is to try new things and be a part of something that is different! Don’t be quick to dislike a certain food or decide a bar isn’t “your type”. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like it and it that happens – move on and try something else!

Things to consider while study in Ireland

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